Instrumental Chamber Music


The Golden Prophecy (2008-09)
for alto saxophone and piano, 13 minutes

Fireflies: A Folk Set for Flute and Guitar (2006-08)
28 minutes

lotus and poppy (2007)
for mezzo-soprano, tenor, and chamber ensemble, 11 minutes

The Dead are Dancing (2006)
for flute and piano, 13 minutes

American Gothic Suite: Theme and Variations on Grant Wood’s Art (2005)
for flute, viola, and guitar, 14 minutes

Four Views of Pompeii (2004)
for string quartet and harp, 18 minutes

Tesserae: Six Mosaics of Ancient Rome (2003-04)
for flute, viola, and guitar, 15 minutes

phos (2001)
for piano and percussion, 14 minutes

luna (1999)
for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano, 9 minutes

Nebula (1999)
for clarinet, violin, cello, piano, 23 minutes

Applets (1998-99)
for double bass and piano, 14 minutes

Winter-Night Canticles (1996)
Christmas suite in six movements for flute and guitar, 18 minutes

Summer-Night Songs (1994, rev. 1997)
for soprano saxophone and harp, 8 minutes

Chamber Concerto (1992)
for chamber ensemble, 16 minutes



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