Exhortation II (1996)

for oboe solo, 14 minutes


Instrumentation: oboe solo

(Version for soprano saxophone, 2008)

Publication: Jeanne Publications, Minneapolis, MN

Recording: Nancy Ambrose King, for Exhortations, Athena Records (1998)



Variation II

Variation III

Variation IV

Performer: Nancy Ambrose King, oboe


Program Notes:

Exhortation II, for oboe solo, is a set of variations.  However, the "variations" are more accurately regarded as small character pieces which explore different facets of the oboe itself.  One variation, for example, exploits the often humorous contrast between the instrument's highest and lowest register; another explores the oboe's distinctive lyrical qualities.  No overt thematic connection exists among the four variations, and so the piece may be thought of as a small one-movement suite for the oboe.


--Andrew Earle Simpson

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